Here are people’s opinions about my horror trailer-

Person 1-

“From 00:42-1:00 it’s really good. The story line isn’t very clear for me its a little confusing. I can tell from the book that something bad happens but there’s no explanation towards what the book symbolises in the story. After the Paramount sign it shows how the girls changed but we don’t know what she used to be like. Also, for the other girl I don’t know what she’s there for but I know she’s a bad character. Overall I think it has a lot of potential but it would help if the story was clearer.Also, it would have been cool  if you had edited everything backwards so that at the end it showed that it started from the book.”

Person 2-

“The whole idea was pretty cool. The camera angle at the beginning added a kind of eerie feel. I can’t think of many negatives but maybe add some screams or something to appeal to the ears more. It’s so ridiculously good though”

Person 3-

“I really liked it. The choice of music was good and really fit in well with the video. The only thing I would maybe suggest is the bit where she “changes” – maybe the video could have been black and white or had some other colour change in the trailer to reflect that. Otherwise, very good.”

Person 4-

“Really good. It scared me especially, when the face came up. However,  I think the actress needs to be more dramatic that bit should make you jump because it’s unexpected but, I wasn’t really terrified that’s about it.”

Person 5-

” Professional. Good transitions. Reminds me of ‘Attack the block'”

(Attack the block trailer)

Person 6-

” The editing was good. The effects were good. Intertextual references from films I have seen were good. It reminded me of ‘The Ring’.”

(The Ring trailer)


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