Case study one- Ringu

Ringu is a japanese movie made by Hideo Nakata in 1998, it was adapted from the novel Ring by Koji Suzuki which was inspired by a japanese folk tale of Bancho Sarayashiki. Rumours are at the heart of the movie, passing things on such as the video or myths about the video create a “Ring” and a continuos cycle of rumours and myths throughout the film which keeps the curse of Sadako alive. The main victims throughout the film are young people since the curse starts as a rumour told by young people.


Simple technology becomes the source evil in the film, during the first five minutes the main sources of fear are: The telephone, Video tape, Television and music. Technology becoming the main source of fear in the movie shows how Japanese horror does not need gore to create fear but just simply planting an idea in the viewers minds will send a chill down their spine.

The cinematography in the film gives the impression that someone is always watching the main characters. There are various shots behind Yoichi that gives the impression that someone is following him also, at Tomoko’s wake there is a long shot and birds eye view shot from the corner of Yoichi which again gives the impression that someone is watching him, this also links to a main motif in the movie which is eyes.

Music in the film plays an important role, for the duration of the movie there is synthesised music which creates a chilling effect.

Terrible things don’t happen to characters in the movie unless they are alone or in the woods. The woods are a place of fear and terror and this is first established at the start of the movie when the first killings happen in the woods.

This is one of the most iconic scenes from the movie, it has been remade and parodied several times.


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